Alimony puppies out of "А" litter RODOM IZ ODESSY kennel
Ataxia geneticaly clear

отец: Dueto Status Dynamite

Junior Champion of: Ukraine, Russia, Moldova, Basarabia.
Junior Grand Champion of: Ukraine, Moldova.
Champion of: 3 х Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus, Bulgaria, Russia.
Grand Champion of: Ukraine, Bulgaria.
Super Grand Champion of: Ukraine.
Best of the best of breed of Ukraine,
Champion RKF.
Best Puppy in Mono AST, Best Junior in Mono AST, BOB in Mono AST.
BIS Puppy - 3; 7 x J.BOB, J BIG - 1, J BIS - 3;
10 х CACIB, 9 x BOB, 7 x BOS, 3 х BIG – 1, 1 x BIG – 2, 1 x BIG – 4, 2 х BIS–1, 1 х BIS–2

мать: I'm Whitesnake Art of Staff

Junior Champion of: Ukraine, Moldova
Junior Grand Champion of: Ukraine, Moldova
BIS Baby - 1, BIS Baby - 2

Date of birth 05.03.2018
available: girl

No common ancestry was found in 5 generations


Art of Staff Art of Staff
Art of Staff Art of Staff

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