Puppies in Art of Staff kennel


Anna Mukhina

Our motto is "Active dogs for active people" and that's not just words.

I'd like to see your personality, not just a desire to have fashionable, physically and spiritually strong dog.

Hope, You are ready to accept a new member to your family. You need common sense. You need reverent attitude to the puppy as your own child.

I'm trying to find self-sufficient, self-confident, ambitious, ready-to-long dialogue people.

My goal is to build a strong kennel. And it is impossible without you.

I say often, prestige of your dog - your's one.

There was 11 Art Of Staff dogs among 80 participants in the "Crystal Cup of Ukraine 2015" Dog Show in Kiev. Just simple arithmetic shows that every third or fourth puppy born in our kennel, has nice show career, making significant results.

One person asked recently: what is the best AST kennel in Ukraine. My answer: the one where you will take your dog. One owner you most trust.

Let's build our future life together